Micah S. Hackler

Micah S. Hackler

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Micah S. Hackler, originally from a small Kansas farming community, was the son of an exploration geologist. The family moved often, living in Colorado, Ohio and Oklahoma, just to name a few states. He always loved the Rocky Mountains. A family trip to Mesa Verde in 1965 started a life-long interest in the Pueblo Indian culture. He resolved to one day be a writer after consuming every novel written by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Dabbling as a play write in college, marriage, children and life in general delayed his plans. After graduating from LSU, he joined the Air Force and retired as a Major in 1993. It was upon retirement that he began writing in earnest, producing the Sheriff Lansing mystery series, set in modern day New Mexico and revolve around the exploits of Sheriff Cliff Lansing. Each story involves a mythology unique to the Apache, Navajo or Pueblo people. A widower, Micah is a father and grandfather and currently lives with his new wife, Olivia, in Spring, Texas.

DECEMBER 30, 2020


Write On Four Corners- December 30: Micah Hackler, Moon of the Blue Mustang: A Sheriff Lansing Mystery

Micah tells about writing this eighth book in the series, set on the Jicarilla Reservation.


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