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James Rouch

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James Rouch has been a full-time author for thirty years. In that time he has had fourteen books published. Three of them are novels of the Second World War. TIGER, set in Northern France during the breakout from the Normandy beachhead. THE WAR MACHINES, set in North Africa and GATEWAY TO HELL, dealing with the fighting for Monte Cassino in Italy. They were all published in the UK and the USA by major publishers and all went to reprints with translation rights sold in Spain and many other countries.

A series of novels entitled THE ZONE has comprised the rest of his output. Again on the subject of war their theme is an alternative near future where the Berlin Wall did not fall. Instead the cold war suffered meltdown. A war across Europe imploded, concentrating itself in a great contaminated swathe of territory slashed across the continent, a huge no-mans land, THE ZONE.

He has a passion for helping new writers and has never turned down a request for advice from aspiring authors. That led him to team his writing with acting as a literary agent. A successful start-up was abruptly terminated when an accident cost him part of a leg and subsequent complications curtailed his ability to dash about the book fairs and between publishers. Instead, in order to maintain his contact with new writers, he started a critique service as Author-Management.com. It has proved immensely successful and he finds it meshes perfectly with his writing.

James Rouch lives and works in the West of England, on the edge of a small town surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside and close to the finest coastline England has to offer. His home is appropriately called ‘Inspiration Cottage’. The lobby is decorated with framed copies of all his book covers and the original artwork from which they came, a collection that gives him great satisfaction though he does admit it might be thought of as posing.

His hobbies and interests are many, ranging from sculpting to restoring antiques to designing and making Bishops thrones and altar garnitures. His colorful garden and courtyard regularly do well in competitions with their large collection of Fuchsias.

Before becoming a successful author he worked in the jewelry trade and as a public relations manager within the motor industry. His experience of life has been rounded off with periods as a bodyguard, foundry worker, the owner of a popular tourist pub’ and as a salesman of everything from exotic sports cars to antiques.


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