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Author Spotlight

Francois Keyser

Francois Keyser Francois Keyser was originally born in Zimbabwe but grew up in South Africa after his family emigrated in 1980.

Francois learned to escape into books from an early age and always dreamed of becoming a published author.

But after completing his school education, Francois entered the corporate world and built a successful career in the financial services and medical assistance sectors which took him from South Africa to the Middle East and then to South East Asia where he met and married his wife with whom he has two beautiful daughters.

In 2010, Francois finally left the corporate world in order to pursue his passion to be an author.

The result was the children’s book series “The Junglies” which comprises of 11 books telling stories of the adventures of five jungle animals. “The Junglies” was inspired by Francois’ eldest daughter.

Francois followed this with another children’s book, “The Tickle Tree” and a self help book titled “Creating Personal Success – Take charge to reach for Your Stars.”

Francois is now working on his first book in the fantasy genre which is the book he has always wanted to write.

Francois currently lives in South Africa with his wife and two daughters and divides his time between his passions which are his family and writing.

+Learn More About Francois Keyser

Tiger Loses His Stripes is a charming story about a group of jungle animals who learn what it means to be a true friend. Aga is devastated when he notices his stripes are missing. His cries alert his friends and they join him in the search. It isn't until the Jungle Man shows them the photo he snapped that they discover the truth. Tiger Loses His Stripes is an inspiring story that teaches little ones the importance of honesty and admitting when you're wrong. The illustrations are bright and colorful and children will find the animals appealing. Parents will also like the valuable lessons the story instills. I recommend picking up a copy.

By Stacie Theis, 5.0 out of 5 stars on

Abbit Gets Stuck

It's great to play and have fun but sometimes there are limits to how much fun we can have. In this book, Abbit the rabbit gets stuck in a tree and can't get down. +Learn More

Raff's Birthday

Raff the Giraffe thinks his friends are acting strange. Then he discovers they are planning to have a party without him! +Learn More

The Singing Contest

The friends learn about a singing contest and all plan to compete on their own. They soon realise that they might not have much chance of winning if they compete on their own. +Learn More

Tiger Loses His Stripes

In "Tiger Loses His Stripes" we are introduced to the characters of "The Junglies" series. In this first book, Aga the tiger, loses his stripes... Or does he? Aga's friends all help him to look for his stripes. Read the story and find out what really happened to Aga's stripes and if he will get them back... +Learn More


Hoodwink by Bill Pronzini

Former pulp writer and current hack Russell Dancer invites Nameless to the first annual Western Pulp Convention in San Francisco. He wants Nameless to help him locate the person who is trying to blackmail Dancer for a purported plagiarism of a story called "Hoodwink."

Rescue! by Kevin D. Randle

For the new president of one South American country, the worst nightmare had come true. His 19-year-old daughter, ripped from the quiet seclusion of a private school, had vanished into thin air. His greatest hope in seeing her alive lay with help from the U.S. But in this Yankee-hating hotbed, it would take nothing less than supersoldiers to move fast enough to make the rescue before they were noticed.

Linebacker by Kevin D. Randle

Washington wanted a safe war, where no American died and the enemy was pounded into submission. In Guam and Thailand a handful of men were chosen to fight that kind of war. The operation was Linebacker, and the mission was to use the big, bomb-ladened B-52s to strike terror deep behind the DMZ.

Step to the Graveyard Easy by Bill Pronzini

CONTINUING HIS EXPLORATION of the quest for redemption, Bill Pronzini grabs the reader with the opening line of Step to the Graveyard Easy and shows once again why he is considered one of the best of the contemporary noir authors.

SV Original Publications

Night Hawks by Bob Anderson

It began in the ruins of the Mayan city of Tulum, moved to the swamps of Louisiana and ended on the California coast. A defrocked priest, child sex slaves, and a multi-headed international conspiracy of evil face “Doc” Roberts, Warlord, Psycho and the rest of the TAC Team.

Deep Star by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern & Bob Anderson

Mount Rushmore's Hall of Records stands empty and the four Presidents safely unshackled from their icy prison. But John Rourke is missing and no one has a clue to his whereabouts. Genetically engineered insects spread a deadly plague with a high mortality rate.

A Savage Distance by Thom Reese

Suspense builds from the very first page and erupts in a shocking climax in this riveting supernatural thriller. Botma Africa: thousands slaughtered or displaced, children sold into slavery, rampant death and destruction, ancient superstitions ensnare the populace, all at the hands of ruthless dictator, Nishati Azibo.

Colorland by Robert Rayner

He said slowly, “You know how sometimes something happens, and afterwards you think what you could have – should have – done, if only you had the nerve and the confidence to do it, but of course by the time you think that, it’s too late.”

Trading Secrets by Tadeusz R. Sas

Being a double agent is easy... it's being a triple agent that's difficult. What does one do when one's Intelligence Service is penetrated through and through by the enemy? What can one do when a man destined to become the head of one’s Intelligence Service is suspected of working for the enemy?

12:07 THE SLEEPING by L. Sydney Abel

THE SLEEPING have always come for The Unwanted... James would fight for his life many times – always winning and yet always fearing that anytime soon, it might be his last.

Everyman by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern & Bob Anderson

THE ROURKE FAMILY. Were they larger than life survivors from another place in history with superior intellect and skills? Or just normal people who were determined to survive, who were led into the future by John Thomas Rourke, who always believed in planning ahead?

Light Dreams by Jerry Ahern, Sharon Ahern & Bob Anderson

How strange it would be to spend almost all of your life inside a cave; albeit a cave with all the comforts of home. Skills taught to them at an early age kept them and their cryogenically sleeping family safe inside their shelter while waiting for the long anticipated return of the Eden Project.

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